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Wages for 500 thousand employees in the field of education to be differentially raised by up to 30%

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At the Government meeting chaired by the Prime Minister Askar Mamin, the execution of the Head of State’s instructions given at the XVIII Congress of the Nur Otan Party was considered. Minister of Education and Science Kulyash Shamshidinova reported on the ministry’s approaches to fulfilling the tasks set in education.

The ministry will have to complete a number of tasks related to raising the incomes of low-paid education workers, bringing reforms in secondary education to a logical conclusion, as well as identifying advanced universities and modern colleges.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science, the salaries of teachers is increased systematically and the related issues are solved in stages. In 2018 on the instructions of the Head of State, the salaries of school teachers who proved their categories of the new attestation system and who work with the updated content of education was raised by 30-50%.

According to Shamshidinova, up to differential 30% increase in wages of low-paid education workers will be carried out.

“The salary of 500 thousand people in the education system will increase. Including tutors and assistants to tutors of preschool organizations and boarding schools, methodologists, social teachers, psychologists of kindergartens and colleges, workers of organizations of additional education, librarians, counselors, accountants, clerks, cleaners, janitors, watchmen, stokers, plumbers, electricians, etc.," the minister reported.

The Ministry of Education and Science, together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, is working on a detailed definition of the categories of workers and the size of the increase in official salaries.

At the same time, in order to improve the quality of education, in 2019-2021, further education courses on the updated content will be held for 144 thousand teachers, 82 thousand class teachers and psychologists, 15.5 college specialists and 2.4 thousand university teachers. Currently 11,423 natural science teachers have completed language courses and teach in 764 schools.

“From 2020, the funds provided for these courses will be redirected to higher education institutions for teachers teaching in English. This will take into account the level of employment of graduates. Starting from 2019, graduate schools that speak the language will be arriving at schools,” the minister said.

Along with this, a new method of financing the construction and overhaul of schools will be introduced. The amount of funding will be determined by the number of students. The local executive bodies will be responsible for the construction of schools. Educational programs of all levels of education will be updated in accordance with modern requirements.

In addition, 20 advanced universities and 180 modern colleges will be identified. For this, together with the Ministry of Labor, 100 priority occupations and the main criteria for the selection of educational organizations will be determined.

“In cooperation with the public and employers, a list of universities and colleges will be defined and their educational programs updated in accordance with the requirements of the economy. Advanced training for teachers of colleges and industrial education masters will also be provided. Foreign specialists will be involved in the learning process,” Shamshidinova reported.

In addition, a list of necessary equipment will be indicated in accordance with the 100 priority occupations.

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