Government • 05 March, 2019

Askar Mamin meets with Secretary General of World Customs Organization Kunio Mikuriya

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On March 5 in Ukimet Uyi the Prime Minister Askar Mamin met with the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization Kunio Mikuriya, reports the press service of PM.

A wide range of cooperation issues were discussed at the meeting, including the Mercator Programme and the implementation by Kazakhstan of the provisions of the World Trade Organization's Agreement on Trade Facilitation, legislative reforms in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the technical capabilities of the new Nur Zholy border checkpoint with China, equipped with the latest technological innovations.

Kunio Mikuriya expressed interest in transit cooperation. The approaches to the organization of the effective application of transit and the participation of WCO in the forum of the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan on special economic zones were considered.

Askar Mamin noted that the Government of Kazakhstan will continue to work on the implementation of successful international experience in the field of customs administration.

Since joining the WCO on June 30, 1992, Kazakhstan has actively participated in the work of the main bodies of the Organization, for example, in the sessions of the Finance Committee, the Political Commission (one of the organization’s highest bodies) and the WCO Customs Cooperation Council.

Today Kazakhstan is a member of the WCO Political Commission with a term of office until July 1, 2019. Kazakhstan’s joining the WCO Finance Committee in June 2019 is being considered.

A new operational model for providing technical support to WCO member countries called “Mercator” was approved in March 2017 by the WCO Committee for Institutional Development. The program offers member countries an alternative option with which they could interact with WCO in the long term and on a multi-year basis under the Mercator Programme’s “Sustainable Tracking Mechanism.”

A number of legislative reforms have been carried out in Kazakhstan. In January 2018, new provisions of the Customs Code of the EAEU and Kazakhstan came into force. Since January 2018, together with the new EAEU Customs Code, electronic declaration of goods has been introduced. Currently the implementation of a Single Window on export-import operations in cooperation with UNCTAD UN, which is planned to be commissioned in March, is underway. There is also a phased modernization of Kazakhstan’s border checkpoints.

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