18 March, 2019

Exhibition of ancient and medieval Kazakh art opened in Tatarstan

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Kazakh exhibition "The Great Steppe: History and Culture" opened March 15, 2019, in the hall “Manege” of the Kazan Kremlin State Museum in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan) with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan, the press service of the National Museum of Kazakhstan reports.

This event contributes to familiarizing the foreign audience with the rich historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. The exhibition featured the symbol of the Republic of Kazakhstan — the Golden Warrior.

In total, the museum has 127 items from the funds of the National Museum of Kazakhstan. A special place in the exhibition is occupied by the silver bowl with the the runic script found among the finds of the Issyk mound — one of the oldest written records found on this territory.

Also, unique archaeological finds from Saka kurgans (burial mounds) Taksay (West Kazakhstan region), Taldy-2 (Karaganda region) and Berel (East Kazakhstan region) were presented at the exhibition.

To date, the project has been successfully implemented in six countries — in Belarus, Azerbaijan, Russia, China, Poland and Korea. The exhibition of the Golden Warrior in these countries was visited by over one million people. In general, the project will be implemented within three years, until the end of 2020. The exposition will visit about twenty countries of the world.

As the representatives of the exhibition noted, the masterpieces of ancient and medieval art of Kazakhstan are only a small part of the works of the nameless masters of the past, reflecting the originality of the heritage of the steppe culture of Eurasia.

The Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Tatarstan Erkin Tukumov, congratulating the public on the opening of the exhibition, stressed that such cultural events should be permanent, not one-time in nature.

The Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Irada Ayupova in her speech noted the importance and significance of such exhibitions for the development of cultural exchange and the strengthening of cooperation between Tatarstan and Kazakhstan.

“We can talk a lot about the importance of preserving the national culture. But only the interpenetration of cultures, the exchange of cultures, the integration of cultures into the international space makes it possible to preserve them properly,” said Ayupova.

In turn, the acting director of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan Almaz Nurazkhan emphasized that museum workers and the receiving party sought to create better conditions for visitors. Joint efforts, undoubtedly, will lead to success, and the exhibition will become a vivid memorable event in the cultural life not only of Kazan, but of the whole of Tatarstan.

Note that this year the exhibition is scheduled in the museums of Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Italy, Turkey and Georgia. In 2020 it is planned to hold an exhibition in the museums of the USA, Austria, France, Switzerland and Germany.

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