Government • 02 April, 2019

Control of quality of food, household products and toys: MH to review all national standards for goods and services

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The Joint Committee for Safety Control of Goods and Services will be established on the basis of public health and pharmacy committees. The range of services subject to state control will be expanded. This was announced at a press conference in the Government by the Minister of Healthcare Yelzhan Birtanov.

As Birtanov noted, the current legislation provides for control only over the provision of medical services. For example, if it is a cosmetic procedure, then with the participation of medical professionals and medical manipulations, but at the same time various beauty salons, hairdressers drop out of this list.

“The first thing we are doing now is the creation of a joint committee to monitor the quality safety of goods and services, which is now on the Government’s decree. This is a very big step forward,” said Birtanov.

The Joint Committee will be created on the basis of public health and pharmacy committees. Various household and cosmetology services will be subject to control. At the same time, as the Minister of Healthcare stressed, this will in no way affect business development.

“I assure that we will move in accordance with the business and the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs. Our task is not to limit business, create any obstacles or corruption norms, on the contrary, we must jointly build an open system. First of all, we plan to revise all national standards for the provision of services. Service standards, as well as technical regulations to the standards of goods not only for food, but also for household, perfumery, toys, etc., so that everything complies with international standards,” Birtanov noted.

At the same time, the laboratory base will be strengthened. It is necessary to ensure international certification of all laboratories in order to match the appropriate quality of goods and services.

In addition, special attention will be paid to the transparency and availability of information.

“We want to switch to a digital notification system so that the market itself can decide who meets the standards and who does not. Unfortunately, often, due to lack of transparency, the population does not know what violations exist in a particular enterprise or product. We have stepped up work in this direction in recent years. Our territorial committees in case of detection of violations, publish information. Transparency is the basis of everything,” concluded Birtanov.

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