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New business opportunities: Export procedure simplified for Kazakhstani internet entrepreneurs

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In an interview with PimeMinister.kz, Chair of the Board of Kazpost JSC Saken Sarsenov spoke about the new initiatives of the company to develop the e-commerce market.

Due to digitalization and optimization of routes, the delivery time of parcels has been reduced from 16 days to 6 days from 2017.

“Now we are doing a lot of work. Somewhere from mid-summer, the delivery time for packages in Kazakhstan will be reduced to 3 days on average. Any parcel should reach in three days,” said Sarsenov.

In addition, Kazpost JSC provides an express mail service, which within a day delivers a parcel from one city to another. Sarsenov also announced the opening of digital offices, when a person can come and get services without the participation of an employee of Kazpost through automatic machines. Also, a new service — a universal agent. Kazpost JSC installs its equipment in rural areas, which allows rural residents to remotely receive various types of services — public service centers, medical organizations, educational institutions, an employment center, and many others.

The most recent e-commerce market development initiative is to simplify export procedures for entrepreneurs. At the beginning of April, the Head of State Kassym-JomartTokayev signed a law that significantly simplified the processing of international customs documents. Sarsenov is confident that this innovation will open for 1,700 Kazakhstani internet entrepreneurs a new window for the sale of Kazakhstani goods abroad and will be another impetus to the growth of e-commerce.

“Until April 2019, Kazakhstan's online stores could not simply send their goods to a buyer in another country. To do this, it was necessary for each parcel to issue a customs declaration and pay fees to the customs authorities. Now, as a customs declaration, you can use postal documents issued by Kazpost, and absolutely free of charge,” said Sarsenov.

Along with this, Kazpost JSC is still working on infrastructure development. Three full-service centers, four e-commerce centers for entrepreneurs were opened, the IT infrastructure was updated and new branches were opened together with franchisee partners.

For owners of online stores Kazpost has launched the “Kazpost Store,” which will allow the use of useful Kazpost services on their sites. Among them, new postal codes, the calculation of the cost of delivery, the generation of address labels, tracking.

For financial services, such services as Salem Online (transfer from card to card), Salem Mobile (payment via QR codes), as well as services that will allow identifying and accepting payments on your website to any legal and physical services will be available soon for persons with only a bank card.

PayPost online acquiring allows online store owners to accept payments from bank cards of any bank.

The list of available services will be constantly updated and improved.

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