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In 2019, water supply will improve in 68 villages — MIID

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At the meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister Askar Mamin, the issues of water supply and sanitation of settlements were considered, reports the press service of PM.

Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Roman Sklyar reported that of the total number of the country’s 18.4 million people, 90.2% or 16.5 million people have access to the centralized water supply. To improve the quality of life in cities, it is planned to increase this indicator to 97% in 2019, and to 100% — in 2023.

In rural areas, 6.5 million people or more than 84% are provided with centralized water supply services. In the rest of the villages, local water sources are used for drinking. Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development plans to reach an indicator of 88% in 2019 and to cover 100% of the population with appropriate infrastructure in 2023.

“In order to provide small villages with a population of less than 200 people with drinking water of sanitary quality standards, it is planned to install integrated water purification modules, this will provide for 1,333 villages. Whereas in 1,274 villages with a population of more than 200 people, centralized water supply will be provided. Thus, 1.2 million people in 2,607 villages will be provided with water supply services that meet sanitary standards,” Sklyar said.

At the meeting of the Security Council on Environment in April 2019, the first President – Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev ordered to modernize sewage treatment plants in cities.

According to Sklyar, to fulfill this task, the ministry has developed a mechanism for attracting extrabudgetary funds for construction.

“We are proposing to bring the wastewater treatment requirements to the level of European standards, which, according to experts, will reduce capital costs by up to 30%. Energy efficient technologies will be introduced with the options of biogas production and sludge processing. The tariff will be subsidized to reduce the burden on the population during the implementation of PPP projects. This will allow to completely modernize sewage systems in the cities in three years,” Sklyar said.

Minister of Agriculture Saparkhan Omarov, in turn, reported that within the framework of the State Program for Regional Development until 2020, the operation, construction and reconstruction of group water pipelines were assigned to RGP Kazvodkhoz, which manages 33 group water lines over 12 thousand km long.

For 2011–2018, 1,035 km were built and 1,441 km of networks were reconstructed, which allowed the commissioning of 49 objects. As a result, water supply was improved in 268 rural settlements with a population of 553 thousand people.

“In general, the wear of networks in group water pipelines has decreased from 75% to 56%,” said Omarov. To date, the reconstruction of 2,281 km of networks is required.

In 2019, 14.6 billion tenge was allocated for the implementation of 12 projects for group water pipelines, of which eight projects are planned to be completed by the end of the year. As a result, 1,185 km of networks will be built and reconstructed, water supply will improve in 68 rural settlements with a total population of 126.8 thousand people.

In addition, the construction and reconstruction of all group water pipelines and intra-settlement networks in the villages will be managed by a single operator.

As a result, the provision of water from the water supply source to the final consumer will exclude intermediaries who, by buying water from group water pipelines at a subsidized rate, sell to the population with value added.

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