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Creating single operator for water pipelines in villages will eliminate consumer costs for intermediaries — MA

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It is planned to make a single operator responsible for the construction and reconstruction of group water pipelines outside the settlements, which will be both the requester and the operating organization. This solution will contribute to high-quality construction of facilities and allow efficient budget use. Vice Minister of Agriculture Yerlan Nysanbayev announced this during a press conference in the Government. It is reported by the press service of PM.

A single operator will be created on the basis of Kazvodhoz Republican State Enterprise, which will be entrusted with the functions of operating group water supply systems with intra-settlement networks in villages. Services will be provided from the source to the final consumer, which will ensure round-the-clock and uninterrupted water supply.

“This will reduce costs, besides a single operator will be engaged in the design. We will get quality projects. Having the opportunity in human resources, and in the material and technical terms, we can significantly reduce the cost of budget money. The great advantage is that today we will exclude the intermediaries,” said Nysanbayev.

According to him, today the subsidized part of the tariff works up to the border of the settlement, and then an intermediary appears who adds value. Now, from the point of collection to the consumer, a single tariff will be established. Services will be provided from the water supply source to the final consumer, excluding intermediaries who, buying water from group water pipelines at a subsidized tariff, sell to the population with value added.

It is worth noting that today, out of 6,499 rural settlements, 546 are provided with drinking water from group water pipelines of Kazvodkhoz, and the rest of rural settlements from group and local water supply systems that are in communal and other types of property.

In 2011-2018, water supply was improved in 268 villages with a population of 553 thousand people. In general, the deterioration of networks in group water pipelines has decreased from 75% to 56%.

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