Politics • 19 July, 2019

Over 15 million public services rendered by Government for citizens in the first half of 2019

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Vice Minister of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry Ablaikhan Ospanov announced this at a press conference in the Government of Kazakhstan.

According to Ospanov, the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry, together with the relevant government agencies, is working to improve the availability of public services through automation, modernization of business processes and improving the efficiency of interagency cooperation on an ongoing basis.

In April 2019, over 120 amendments were made to the Register of Public Services. Currently, the number of public services in the updated Registry is 740.

State services to the population are rendered in the following formats: in electronic form — 532 services (71.9%), paper — 208 (28%), through the state-owned corporation “Government for Citizens” — 635 services (85.58%).

“If we talk about possible channels for the provision of public services, today we need to do a lot of work to provide services in electronic format. We provide all possible channels of rendering public services: the egov.kz — e-government portal, as well as such communication channels of the state with the population, such as the Telegram-bot, a mobile application, a state corporation, a single contact center for consulting on the provision of public services,” said the vice minister.

Through the electronic government portal “Egov.kz,” in the first half-year alone, 23.5 million services were received (in the same period of 2018, 12.8 million services). The increase was 182%.

As of July 1, 2019, the government for citizens state corporation provided more than 15 million public services. Today, there are 329 service centers in Kazakhstan, including 23 special ones (of which 16 are equipped with autodrome), 17 centers of digital services. As part of the task of ensuring the availability of public services to residents of remote communities, currently there are 70 mobile groups.

Since the beginning of the year, business processes have been optimized for 74 services. As a result, the following indicators have been achieved:

  • shortening the terms of providing services by an average of 10 days; previously, the average term of providing services was 19 days, i.e. the terms of rendering public services were reduced by 2 times;
  • Through integration, the number of required documents was reduced to an average of 3-4 documents, previously the number of documents provided was 5-6.
  • Alternative provision through the office of the service provider for 37 services has been excluded;
  • Seventeen new services have been additionally converted into electronic format.

“In order to optimize and improve the quality of public services, we are now working to unite public services. They are called composite government services. Today, we have identified a complete register of composite services and 11 composite services have already been launched, which include the provision of 25 public services from the entire Registry,” Ospanov informed.

Another center for providing consulting services is the Contact Center 1414. In the first half of the year, the number of calls to the Unified Contact Center was about 3.5 million.

According to the vice minister, an intellectual consultant is being introduced under the Digital Kazakhstan program. About 200 thousand services were provided by chat-bot.

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