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First grade: What are the requirements for enrollees in Kazakhstan

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It is reported by the press service of PM.


We do not have fines for cases when a six-year-old child does not come to school. Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov stated this at a press conference in the Government.

“We do not have the requirements for a child to be able to read, write, count and so on when she goes to the first grade. She comes to first grade – the program is made with the expectation that children come without skills and knowledge. Therefore, in the first grade they study letters, counting, writing, reading – this is not terrible. But, with regard to admission to school – there is such a regulation in law. Therefore, children from 6 years old go to school – but this is the right of the parent. There are no fines for the fact that a six-year-old child does not come to school. Accordingly, no one can fine anyone. There are individual features,” said the minister of education and science of Kazakhstan.

Aimagambetov noted that there is a practice in Kazakhstan schools when children with special educational needs come to school even at the age of 8. This may be due to diseases, the environment of the child and other factors. There are no fines and penalties for this.

At the same time, the minister said that students can use electronic textbooks, download them using the QR code and go to school with a tablet, e-book or laptop. The department has prepared a special instructional letter to the regions, which states that this choice remains with the student and his parents.

“The frequent question is – will teachers allow to use electronic textbooks. We have now separately stated in the instructional letter for the beginning of the school year that this is the choice of the student. An electronic textbook is the same textbook. A child can come with a tablet, e-book, laptop – these can be different devices. If one of the parents and children has the desire and opportunity to give children the technical opportunity to study using electronic versions of textbooks, the ministry does not hinder this and leaves this right to the parents. There are no strict requirements for this process,” Aimagambetov explained.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Education and Science, together with local executive bodies, is working on preparations for the new school year. In the new school year, schools plan is to accept over 3 million children. It is expected that more than 405 thousand children will go to grade 1, which is 20 thousand more than last year.

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