Society • 10 September, 2019

Rental housing without the right to purchase is provided for working youth

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Chairman of the Committee on Youth and family affairs of the Ministry of Information and social development of Kazakhstan Madiyar Kozhakhmet told about details of the rental housing without the right to purchase for working youth at press conference held at the Central communications service. 


Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who have not reached the age of 29 years, have mastered the educational curricula of secondary schools, organizations of technical and professional, post-secondary, higher and postgraduate education and persons engaged in labor activity can apply for rental housing.

The priority categories are young families, citizens who have mastered the profession according to the list of 100 most popular specialties on the market, young entrepreneurs, employees of budgetary organizations.

"To participate in the program, you must have a permanent residence in the city for at least 2 years," said Madiyar Kozhakhmet.

In addition, he told about the point system provision of rental housing in foreclosure for young workers.

"For example, the teacher of the state organization (budget institution - 5 points) who is 23-28 years old, has a family (5 points), including 1 child (1 point) and a spouse – an individual entrepreneur (5 points), has saving accounts in banks of the second level (2 points) and in this regard, they have full priority to receive rental housing without the right to purchase," he said. 

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