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Kazakh children returned from Iraq meets with family

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Children returned from Iraq met with family and relatives. 

In the capital 10 of the 14 children returned from Iraq met with their families. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Ashikbayev, Deputy mayor of the capital Baktiyar Maken, Advisor to the Minister of education and science of Kazakhstan Raisa Sher.

"I am grateful to Elbasy, the President of Kazakhstan, who worked for the return of our children to their Homeland. Today I met my three grandchildren. I will not let them go anywhere, they will be with me. I will not give it to anyone, I will educate myself. My joy has no limit. At home, their grandfather and other family members are waiting for them. The eldest two grandchildren were born in Kazakhstan, they recognized me, and the youngest was born there," said grandmother Ykylas from Uralsk.

As E. Ashikbayev told journalists, today's meeting is considered a logical conclusion of the special operation "Rusafa".

"We took care of these children, but the real concern is in the family. Therefore, we pass them to their families. The state will try to provide them with all possible assistance," he said. According to Raisa Sher, 10 children will be transferred to relatives, and 4 will be sent to a family-type orphanage. These are children from one family, their relatives live in Karaganda region. They refused children. Therefore, the children will be in state care.

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