Society • 24 December, 2019

Askar Mamin instructs to ensure safety on the roads due to weather conditions

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There were 104 accidents which killed 39 people due to bad weather on the roads of Kazakhstan last week. This was announced by the Minister of internal affairs Yerlan Turgumbayev at Government meeting. 

Due to weather conditions, roads were closed in 11 regions.

"They are Turkestan, Almaty, Karaganda, Mangistau, Kostanay, North Kazakhstan region and others. From 16 to 22 December, 104 road accidents were registered in the country, as a result of which 39 people were killed, 158 received various injuries," Erlan Turgumbayev said.

The Minister explained that the reason for this situation on the roads were weather conditions. Firstly, a sharp rise in temperature to zero, the subsequent formation of ice, then the restriction of visibility due to fog, as well as rain and snowfall. The interior Minister added that, despite warnings on media and social networks, many drivers, driving a faulty car, on summer tires and on bypass roads went to dangerous areas with closed traffic.

In total, 57 sections of roads of national importance with a length of 75 thousand kilometers were blocked. The most dangerous situation was observed in East Kazakhstan region, Aktobe, West Kazakhstan and Zhambyl regions.

"In total, there were more than 1000 cars in traffic jams. 120 vehicles were evacuated from the snow drifts and more than 905 people were evacuated. Evacuated citizens were placed in the heating points deployed in the nearest settlements.

Currently, the situation on the roads is stabilized, all necessary equipment and human resources are involved to ensure safe operation," the interior Minister said.

In this regard, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers Askar Mamin instructed the governors of the regions and the relevant agencies to ensure the safety of citizens on the roads.

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