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Yelzhan Birtanov on Social Health Insurance

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The Minister of Healthcare Yelzhan Birtanov and the Chairman of the Board of the Health Insurance Fund Aibatyr Zhumagulov visited a number of medical facilities in the capital in order to verify their performance under social health insurance, reports.

The minister visited the Central Road Hospital of Nur-Sultan, where he inspected the implementation of the order of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to improve the living conditions of patients in this medical institution.

Currently, repairs have been completed on two buildings for relocating the hospital departments: the gynecological building and the seven-story building.

During the inspection, Yelzhan Birtanov focused on increasing the area of ​​the emergency room by optimizing unnecessary rooms, also set the task to work out the flow of patients who are arriving in an emergency and planned manner, to finalize questions on the repair of the surgical building.

The minister also checked the practical implementation of the system of compulsory social health insurance in the conditions of this medical institution, in particular the work of medical information systems and their integration.

As Yelzhan Birtanov emphasized, all technical problems within the framework of the compulsory medical insurance system should be addressed in favor of the patient and the population should feel an improvement in the quality of medical care after the implementation of the compulsory medical insurance system.

One of the objects visited by the head of the Ministry of Healthcare was the city polyclinic №2. Birtanov looked at how patients are treated under the CSHI and what opportunities have been created for the population. The minister paid particular attention to the work of information systems, in particular the separation of patients by insurance status and registration of citizens who have not yet become participants in the health insurance system.

According to specialists of the medical organization, about 440 people visit this clinic daily, more than 60% of them are insured. Yelzhan Birtanov noted that according to the forecasts of the ministry, at least 80% should be insured, specifying that the main part of patients – children, pensioners, disabled people, pregnant women, students – are included in 15 privileged categories for which the state makes contributions to the Health Insurance Fund.

The minister also praised the work of the rehabilitation department of the clinic and the rehabilitation treatment program. Birtanov noted that there could be more patients, given that the system of compulsory social health insurance provides for an increase in funding for this type of assistance by 12 times.

The department of rehabilitation and treatment at the city polyclinic No. 2 started operating in January 2020. Here, a third or comprehensive type of rehabilitation assistance is provided, providing for social, psychological and medical support for the disabled. This is a new type of service in Kazakhstan. Both adults and children are accepted for rehabilitation treatment.

In addition, since July 2019, a rehabilitation department has been opened in the clinic for children with central nervous system disease, delayed psycho-speech development, Down's disease, and autism, registered as “D” in the clinic. This center, according to the head physician, was opened by one of the first among all medical organizations of the city of Nur-Sultan. The experience of the clinic has already begun to take over other organizations.

The minister of healthcare, together with the chairman of the Social Health Insurance Fund, visited a number of other medical facilities, including the railway hospital, perinatal center No. 3 and the leather dispensary, where they also checked the organization of medical care under conditions of compulsory medical insurance. The main attention was paid to how doctors treat patients, how correctly information systems work, and whether the status of insurance of people who apply is determined.

Recall that from Jan. 1, medical care in Kazakhstan is provided in two packages – the new model of the guaranteed volume of free medical care and the package of compulsory social health insurance. Emergency and primary healthcare, including basic diagnostic services, remain free for all citizens, oralmans and residents of the country. Whereas, consultative and diagnostic assistance, treatment in day and round-the-clock hospitals is provided free of charge only to insured citizens and patients with socially significant and main chronic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, oncology, tuberculosis, hepatitis, etc.

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