Kazakhstan • 28 January, 2020

Yellow plate numbers to be assigned to vehicles bought in EAEU countries

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It was announced at the press briefing on issues of temporary registration of vehicles imported to Kazakhstan from the EAEU countries as well as their further registration on a permanent basis.

According to the first Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Marat kozhaev, Kazakhstanis who bought vehicles as personal property in the EAEU countries under the purchase and sale agreement, but manage them in Kazakhstan by proxy, have the opportunity to remove vehicles from the register in the EAEU countries and take advantage of this one-time action.

In order to register citizens need to come to specialized Auto-centers and submit the necessary documents. These vehicles will be assigned state numbers of a special type (yellow) and series (with the number 18), and the corresponding mark on the registration conditions of this vehicle will be entered in the technical passport. Registration of such vehicles in the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be a preventive, deterrent from violating traffic rules. Prompt identification of owners of such vehicles will not allow them to violate traffic rules with impunity, which in turn will increase safety on the country's roads, as well as reduce the risks of road accidents.

In addition, this transport will undergo mandatory technical inspection in Kazakhstan every year, which will allow the Ministry of Internal Affairs to monitor the operation of only transport that meets safety requirements on the roads.

This is an important factor, since many cars brought to Kazakhstan were restored from their emergency condition after an accident. In addition, some of the cars were converted to illegal service stations, up to the transfer of steering mechanisms from the right side to the left in makeshift conditions.

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