Kazakhstan • 05 February, 2020

Agriculture: Is Kazakhstan ready for harvest 2020?

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Kazakhstan has almost completely provided itself with seeds for the 2020 harvest, says Kazakh Ministry of agriculture in a ststement.

According to regional councils, by January 30 this year, 2459.2 thousand tons of seeds were filled in for the current year's harvest, which is 99.7% of the plan.

Including grain seeds – 1 million 936 thousand tons (100.1% of the plan), oilseeds – 89.1 thousand tons (99%), feed – 15.2 thousand tons (91.3%), potatoes – 417.6 thousand tons (98.5%).

Seeds were not fully filled in Aktobe (91.1% of the planned volume), East Kazakhstan (99.3%), Kostanay (98%) and Kyzylorda (83.8%) regions.

Grain seeds were not enough filled in Aktobe (93.1%) and Kostanay (97.9%) regions, and oilseeds were not enough in East Kazakhstan (84.8%), Pavlodar (88.8%) and Kyzylorda (87.7%) regions.

For feed crop seeds, a low percentage of backfill is observed in Aktobe (only 64.7% of the planned volume), East Kazakhstan (64.3%), West Kazakhstan (69.6%) and Kyzylorda (86.7%) regions.

Potato seeds are filled in full from the need, except for the Aktobe region (82.1%).

At the same time, more than planned grain seeds were filled in Zhambyl (115.2%) and Kyzylorda (105.2%) regions. Before the start of the sowing campaign in these regions, it is planned to fill the missing amount of seeds by purchasing them in other regions of the republic and importing them.

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