Kazakhstan • 05 February, 2020

CCTV cameras to be installed on 32 sections of Kazakhstan's highways

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This year, CCTV cameras will be installed on the country's highways. The project is part of an investment project to set up and maintain a toll collection system on roads. In total, it is planned to install more than 600 cameras on 11 thousand kilometers of roads of national significance, Ministry of industry and infrastructure development says.

Photo and video cameras will monitor traffic on the country's highways. Video equipment will appear on 32 sections of roads of national significance until 2024.

According to the developers, the computing power and special software of the system will allow processing significant amounts of information in real time. Thus, the speed and direction of movement of cars, the type of vehicle without the use of personal data, as well as cars moving on the side of the road and without state registration license plates will be determined. One of the main tasks will be to fix violations of traffic rules: stopping in the wrong place, driving in the opposite direction, driving in the oncoming lane, violating the speed limit, and much more. In addition, the system will allow you to register road traffic in automatic mode and determine the movement of the vehicle regardless of the camera axis.

The charging system will have an extensive infrastructure. It will include a stationary control point, a hardware and software complex of automatic identification tools, monitoring centers, data processing, customer service, and data communication channels.

Recall that the national company "Kazavtozhol" in December last year announced the results of an investment contest on the device and maintenance of the system for charging tolls on roads of national significance, following which an agreement was signed with the Kazakh-Taiwanese consortium.

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