Society • 05 February, 2020

660 thousand people helped get a job by state program

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Measures to promote employment in 2019 covered 660 thousand people, of which 261 thousand or 40% are unemployed, 36% are young people, and 2% are low-income families with many children. This was announced at a briefing in the Central communications Service by first Vice Minister of labor and social protection.

first Vice Minister of labor and social protection noted that by the end of 2019, 424 thousand new jobs were created in the country which is 14% higher than the annual plan. Including the number of permanent jobs is 280 thousand or 66%. In the context of economic activities, the largest number of jobs were created in spheres: wholesale and retail trade – 44 thousand, in construction – 43 thousand, agriculture, forestry and fisheries – 39 thousand In the regions most number of jobs created in Almaty – 48,1 thousand, Karaganda and Mangystau thousand 32,5 – 32,5 thousand areas and in the city Almaty – 47.4 thousand.

Zhilkibayev recalled that the first direction of the state Program provides for providing young people with technical and vocational education and improving the professional skills and qualifications of unemployed citizens through short-term courses.

"In 2019, 22 thousand young people are enrolled in lyceums and colleges to receive technical and professional education. Participants of the state Program are provided with a scholarship, one-time hot meals and financial assistance for travel. 57 thousand people (25 thousand unemployed, 17 thousand self-employed) were sent to short-term courses, 50 thousand of them completed their training. It should be noted that 75% of those who completed the training are employed in permanent jobs, " the Vice-Minister informed.

The main objective of the second direction of the state Program is to develop the entrepreneurial initiative of citizens. To do this, the Bastau Business project provides training in the basics of entrepreneurship and provides state grants of up to 100 and 200 MCI on a free and irrevocable basis to applicants who are implementing and planning to implement a start-up business and have not previously received financial support under other state programs. In addition, micro-loans are issued in rural and urban areas to start-up entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial potential, agricultural cooperatives and their members who have not reached retirement age, and peasant and farm enterprises.

Yerzhan Zhilkibayev said that on behalf of the Head of state, the mechanisms for promoting employment under the state program "Enbek" were improved, and the innovations came into effect on January 1, 2020.

"To involve members of large and low-income families in entrepreneurship, micro-loans will be provided to them on preferential terms. So, the maximum amount of micro-credit for them has been increased from 8 to 20 million tenge, with a period of 5 to 7 years and a remuneration rate of up to 4% per annum (previously-6%)," he informed.

In addition, there is a single amount of state grants for all categories of the population-200 MCI. At the same time, members of large and low-income families have the right to receive grants without prior training.

Government support measures for young people have been revised and two additional new tools have been developed: the "First workplace" and "Generation Contract" projects.

"The implementation of the "First workplace" project will allow citizens under the age of 29 who do not have work experience to find a job in the first workplace. The project "Contract of generations" provides for employment with the subsequent replacement of an existing employee who has reached retirement age. The priority right for employment under these projects is given to young people, able-bodied members of large and low-income families, and able-bodied disabled people, " the Vice-Minister explained.

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