Kazakhstan • 10 February, 2020

Kazakhstan produced more than 111 million tons of coals in 2019

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Last year, the country's coal mining companies produced 111.1 million tons of coal. 57.2 million tons of coal were shipped to energy-producing enterprises, and 6.3 million tons of coal were sent to industrial enterprises. 11.4 million tons of coal were shipped to the public for municipal and household needs, Ministry of industry and infrastructure development reports.

Coal is shipped to energy and industrial enterprises at cut-off prices under direct contracts. The main volume of coal for municipal consumers and the population is sold through commodity exchanges. The price of coal for municipal needs and the population consists of the price of shipment of the section (within 3-6 thousand tenge per ton, depending on the conditions of development), railway tariffs for transportation, maintenance of rolling stock, the exchange value of coal, as well as the margin of intermediary organizations and individuals who deliver coal to the population.

Exports amounted to about 28 million tons, or 96% compared to 2018. The largest volume of coal was exported to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine, and Turkey.

The main segments of the coal industry are represented in Kazakhstan, production and use of thermal coal are particularly developed. The coal industry is one of the major sectors of the economy and provides production of about 70% of electricity, a full load of coke production fully meets the fuel needs of the municipal sector and the population. Proven coal reserves are almost 34 billion tons or 4% of the world's reserves. According to this indicator, Kazakhstan is among the top ten countries in the world.

To develop the coal industry in 2019, the "Road map for the development of the coal industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2019-2021" was developed and approved, as well as the "Plan for the demand of coal products for municipal needs and the population for the period 2019-2020". Priority was given to the development of coal chemistry, as well as deep complex processing of coal to produce products with high added value. Modern technologies make it possible to produce more than 5 thousand types of processed products from coal. These are ferroalloys, metallic silicon, building materials, carbon black, carbon sorbents, etc. This is a huge prospect for domestic business.


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