Kazakhstan • 11 February, 2020

Ban on the use of saigas extended until 2023

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Committee of forestry and fauna of Kazakhstan introduced a ban on the use of saiga antelopes, their parts and derivatives on the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2023, except for scientific purposes.

Photo credit: Yakov Federov/ West Kazakhstan, the Ural population.

A biological study by the Institute of Zoology of the Kazakh Science Committee recommended extending the ban on the use of saiga until 2023, except for scientific purposes. A positive state environmental assessment was obtained for this biological justification.

The order was registered in the Register of state registration of normative legal acts on February 10, 2020, and is put into force after 10 calendar days after the date of its first official publication.

Currently, the situation with saigas is not the same in different regions of Kazakhstan. The number of Ustyurt population remains critically low at 5,900 individuals, the number of Betpakdala population is 111,500 individuals, which is at the stage of recovery after the mass death from the 2015 epizootic (more than 150,000 individuals fell), and the number of the Ural population is at the stage of recovery of 217,000 individuals.

All three Kazakh saiga populations are geographically separated and the approach to their protection and use should be differentiated.

During the ban, mechanisms will be developed to allow a differentiated approach to the use of different populations.

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