Cinema • 11 February, 2020

135 films and 8 TV series were made in five years

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Most of the films, particularly 71 films are in Kazakh language, reports.

Over the past 5 years (2015-2019), according to the Ministry of culture and sports, 150 Kazakh films and 8 TV series were to be made. In fact, 135 films and 8 TV series were shot.

Among the films made, the average length of a feature film was 100.5 minutes, a documentary film was 50.1 minutes, and an animated film was 37.7 minutes. The average duration of short films was 28.8 minutes.

In 2019, only two types of films were made: feature films, with a duration of 117.4 minutes, and documentaries, with an average duration of 52.6 minutes.

57 dramas, 75 documentaries and 3 animated films were shot in the five-year period. Including in 2019, 1 drama and 7 documentaries were made.

Kazakh-language films (71 films) and Russian-language films (58) predominate in the language section. Also, 4 films were shot in English and 1 film-in two languages, Russian and Kazakh.

In January–September 2019, services for the production of film and video films, television programs, as well as phonograms and music recordings were provided in the amount of 41.2 billion tenge, compared to 40 billion tenge a year earlier.

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