President • 14 February, 2020

Kazakh President meets with BayWa CEO Klaus Josef Lutz

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Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev met with BayWa CEO Klaus Josef Lutz in Germany.

President Tokayev told about his participation in Munich Security Conference (MSC) and bilateral meetings with some German companies. 

Klaus Josef Lutz presented BayWa - one of the leading companies in the energy sector with a 100-year history. He also mentioned strong ties and cooperation with the United Arab Emirates.

BayWa Aktiengesellschaft is a German company which operates in the agriculture, building materials and energy sectors. It provides trading, strategic and other miscellaneous services in these sectors.

The BayWa (Bayerische Warenvermittlung) Group is spread across 14 countries. It was founded in 1923. The company's head office is in Munich, Germany. 

In the energy sector, the company supplies fuel oil and eco-energy products. Networks of gas stations have been established in Germany and Austria. It is known as a producer and manager of solar, wind and geothermal energy projects in the field of renewable energy sources.

And in the building segment, the company provides products and services for new constructions, renovation work and entire modernization in both rural and urban areas.

In 2018, the cash turnover of BayWa AG was 16.6 billion euros. There are nearly 17,000 employees in 260 subsidiaries around the world.

The company is interested in accessing the markets of Central Asian countries by opening its representative offices, service centres in the field of agriculture, energy and construction. Also, they are working on the possibility of creating an agricultural innovation laboratory in Kazakhstan based on Nazarbayev University.


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