World • 18 February, 2020

Kazakh citizens from Japanese cruise ship run tests for coronavirus

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Professor Dinagul Baesheva informed about the current situation with coronavirus infection at a press conference held at the Central Communications Service.

According to the speaker, all measures are being taken in Kazakhstan to prevent infection of the country's citizens with coronavirus infection.

As noted by D. Baesheva, today in China more than 70 thousand people are infected with this infection. To reduce the number of cases of infection with this disease and develop a vaccine, the resources of health organizations in all countries are involved.

The leading infectious disease specialist of the country also informed about the measures taken for preventive examination of Kazakh students who arrived from China. So, according to her, the students who returned from China underwent a full examination at the multi-speciality hospital in Nur-Sultan. After the end of the quarantine period, they were discharged from the hospital, and no signs of coronavirus infection were found in the returned patients.

According to the leading infectious disease specialist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, D. Baesheva, 4 Kazakhstanis who are on the Japanese liner will run tests on February 19 and spend 14 days in quarantine. In the absence of coronavirus infection, the compatriots will return safely to Kazakhstan.

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