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Dimash dreams of a global hit in Kazakh

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Dimash Kudaibergen holds press conference on his upcoming concert in Moscow alongside his father Kanat Aitbaev and Igor Krutoy. The concert will be on March 9, 2020.  


Igor Krutoy stated that he is certain about the success of Dimash's concert, recalling the singer’s previous successful performances.

"The program Arnau was presented in several concerts in other countries, including the USA. Now we are preparing to perform it in Moscow," says Dimash about the concert.

He also thanked Igor Krutoy for his support. Dimash shared his childhood dream about working with the Russian producer. 

Dimash’s father Kanat Aitbaev promised the audience new changes at the upcoming concert.

Dimash shared his dream about releasing a global hit in the Kazakh language. He mentioned K-pop music as an example, noting that they managed to get the whole world to sing songs in Korean.

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