Kazakhstan • 20 February, 2020

Coronavirus: People arriving from some countries are due to 24-days monitor

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The relevant alterations have been made to the State Chief Sanitary Physician’s decree of February 17, 2020, concerning strengthening measures to prevent coronavirus infection in Kazakhstan.

Alterations to the abovementioned decree are conformed with the Interagency Commission. In particular, citizens who arrived in Kazakhstan from states that have the high number of cases such as Singapore, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong and Macau, Taiwan will be under medical supervision at their place of residence for 24. For 14 days newly arrived citizens will have a daily visit by a specialist at home and the rest of 10 days remote monitoring by a healthcare worker. If a person arrives for a lesser period of time, medical supervision will be carried out during the entire stay.

For people who have arrived from countries, where isolated cases of coronavirus infection have been reported (Malaysia, Vietnam, Germany, Australia, USA, UAE, Canada, Italy) it has been established remote monitoring for 24 days at the place of their stay.

Travellers arriving from the People's Republic of China will be quarantined for 14 days with isolation at a hospital. 10 days after discharge, these patients will be under remote monitoring at the place of residence.

Officials and governmental delegations, as well as holders of official and diplomatic passports, airline pilots and cabin crew members arriving from states that have a high burden of the infection, will be under remote monitoring for 24 days.

Coronavirus infection continues to spread throughout the world, especially in South-East Asia.

Since January 6th, medical organizations closely supervise citizens who have arrived from the People’s Republic of China at their place of residence. Monitoring included 23,801 of newly arrived civilians. 23,647 of those have been dismissed from observation. 789 travellers that arrived in the last 14 days and 165 of people who contacted with hospitalized remain under medical supervision.

As for February 20th, a total of 165 patients with fever and flu symptoms admitted to hospitals. 158 have been discharged and 7 remains in hospitals. The condition of the patients is satisfactory. 524 Kazakhstani citizens and foreign nationals who were in 14-day quarantine have been dismissed from observation.

To the date, no cases of the novel coronavirus infection have been reported in Kazakhstan.

With the increasing number of infected from coronavirus infection in the world, testing and prevention measures have been established and observed in Kazakhstan, for the best interest of our citizens.

The Ministry of Health recommends permanent residents of Kazakhstan who have travelled the states that have a high burden of the coronavirus infection to limit contacts and maintain the home quarantine. It is in your own best interests. If you have questions and/or need assistance. please contact our 24 hours Call Center 1406.

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