Kazakhstan • 27 February, 2020

18 Zoos operate in Kazakhstan

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At the end of 2019, 18 Zoos were operating in Kazakhstan, 11 of which were contact zoos. All of them are located in 9 regions of Kazakhstan. 13 Zoos were owned by small businesses, 3 by medium-sized businesses and 2 by large businesses.

A year earlier, visitors were invited to 20 Zoos, 13 of which were contact. This year their number has decreased to 18.

Contact Zoos have been banned in Russia since this year, although the law left loopholes for those who want to reorganize the Zoo.

But even in spite of such gaps, the law provides animals with at least relatively appropriate conditions and the opportunity not to engage in stressful, dangerous, unavoidable contact with visitors, which directly kills wild animals caught in such establishments.

In most countries there is a ban on at least keeping wild animals in such Zoos as well as strictly regulated animal nutrition and conditions for their maintenance. There is no such law in Kazakhstan, but the issue is already being raised. So, after the tragic story of keeping lion cubs and tiger cubs in unacceptable conditions in the contact zoo in the shopping centre, the authorities of Almaty proposed to close all contact zoos that contain predatory animals.

The southern capital Almaty is the leader in the number of animal, bird and fish species in Zoos with 383 species.

Shymkent Zoo is home to 266 species of animals, birds and fish, which includes 71 species of mammals, 89 species of birds, 28 species of reptiles, 3 species of amphibians, 70 species of fish and 5 species of invertebrates.

Karaganda is in third place with 257 species of animals, birds and fish, including 78 species of mammals, 72 species of birds, 30 species of reptiles, 9 species of amphibians, 58 species of fish and 10 species of invertebrates.

The total number of specimens for 2019 was 16.6 thousand animals, birds and fish which is 5.2% less than a year earlier.

In 2019, Kazakhstan's Zoos were visited by 1.7 million people, an annual growth of 2.6%. More than 4 thousand excursions and 30 exhibitions were organized for visitors.

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