Society • 28 February, 2020

Over 23 thousand people find jobs through employment centres

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The region constantly monitors the creation of new jobs. In 2019, it was planned to create 15,420 jobs. For the reporting period, 22,619 jobs were created in the region, of which 14,897 were permanent, reports.

The information system Integrated Job Creation Map has been introduced, which contains information on the created jobs by professions within the framework of implemented state programs.

Of the 23,446 people who applied to the Employment Centers, 92.8% were employed.

Organization of job fairs for vacancies is one of the most active measures of social support for the population. Since the beginning of the year, 52 job fairs have been held in the region with the participation of 5,610 people. According to the results of fairs, 2,634 unemployed were employed for permanent jobs.

In order to stabilize the social situation and preserve labor relations, a number of comprehensive measures have been taken.

So, the monitoring of the released workers is underway. Lists of released workers are sent to the Employment Centers for employment measures. Employment centers sent letters to all released workers at the place of residence about the need to apply and register at employment centers.

Constant explanatory work is being conducted among employers to consider the issues of employment of the released workers for other investment projects implemented by the company.

In order to increase the efficiency of the labor market and in connection with the introduction of new technologies with the aim of taking measures for the employment of specialists released from large enterprises in other industries, their retraining and employment, a Roadmap has been developed for a controlled overflow of company employees for 2017-2025, work has been carried out on it implementation.

Roadmaps have been signed with 98 enterprises. At these enterprises, the number of employees is over 104.4 thousand people. As emphasized in the regional akimat, the employment measures provided for by the Roadmap have been implemented.

In 2019, the Enbek Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship for 2017–2021 covered 28,344 people and mastered 5,057.2 million tenge.

As part of the first direction of the program “Providing participants with technical and vocational education and short-term vocational training,” 2,653 people were sent to vocational training and short-term courses.

In the second direction of the program “Development of mass entrepreneurship,” 3,937 people were covered: 2,600 people learned the basics of entrepreneurship, 438 people received loans, 851 people received grants and 48 people received loan guarantees.

In the third area of ​​the program “Development of the labor market through the promotion of employment and labor mobility,” 21,754 people found jobs.

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