Kazakhstan • 04 March, 2020

Kazakhstan enterprises produce 170 thousand medical masks per day

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During a press conference at the Government site, journalists were given explanations on the issue of the shortage of medical masks in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan E. Tugzhanov said that masks will be provided in the country.

"Of course, there may be no masks in some pharmacies today. We can't guarantee it. There was a shortage of masks in some places. But these issues are now completely under the control of the state. The issue of providing masks is on the agenda today. All four Kazakh companies are fully operating. Once again, if there are no masks in individual pharmacies, this does not mean that there are not in Kazakhstan," E. Tugzhanov said.

He also said that state agencies, first of all, the border and customs services have been given a specific, strict order to ban the export of masks outside Kazakhstan. According to E. Tugzhanov, such attempts were, first of all, from Kazakhstan to China.

According to Healthcare Minister E. Birtanov, a healthy person does not need a mask. First of all, masks should be mandatory in medical institutions where there are patients and medical staff who are in contact with patients.

In turn, Vice-Minister of industry and infrastructure development of Kazakhstan Berik Kamaliev said that the productivity of Kazakhstan's enterprises is 170 thousand masks per day.

"These companies produce 5 million pieces every month. It is possible to increase them to 6.5 million. They have raw materials until the end of the year. Only one company raised the issue when suppliers from China asked to give 50% of raw materials in exchange for medical masks. This issue was resolved," — said Mr. B. Kamaliev.

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