Kazakhstan • 03 March, 2020

No cases of coronavirus registered in Kazakhstan - Healthcare Ministry

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The Minister of Healthcare Yelzhan Birtanov reported to the Prime Minister Askar Mamin that today 88,571 cases of pneumonia caused by COVID-19 have been registered in the world, 1,951 cases — over the last day, daily growth amounted to 2.25%, primeminister.kz reports. 

Including in the PRC — 80,174 cases of pneumonia were registered, over the last 24 hours — 206 cases (daily increase was 0.25%). 44,518 people (55%) were discharged with recovery. 32,741 patients remain in hospitals.

8,397 confirmed cases were also reported in 43 countries. The largest number of cases was recorded in South Korea, Italy, Iran, Japan with an average total increase of 30% per day.

Since Jan. 6, 2020, the Ministry of Healthcare have implemented three stages of reinforcement to prevent the importation and spread of coronavirus infection. Since March 1, 2020, the fourth strengthening stage has been introduced, expanding the list of countries to which quarantine measures are applied to arrivals.

The Government has developed an Algorithm of actions for the detection and spread of coronavirus infection in the Republic of Kazakhstan (“Plan B”)

Since March 1, 2020, by the Decree of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Kazakhstan, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong SAR (China), Taiwan (China) and Macau SAR were assigned to the countries of the first category in addition to the PRC;

“Persons arriving from the PRC, as well as Iran will be placed in quarantine for 14 days, and then they will be under medical supervision for another 10 days after discharge,” the minister informed.

Persons arriving from other countries of the first category (South Korea, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan and Macau SAR) will be placed in home quarantine for 14 days. But by the decision of the sanitary service, these persons can be quarantined in a medical facility.

Persons arriving from countries of the second category within 14 days will be under medical supervision “at home” and a subsequent 10-day call.

Persons arriving from countries of the third category will be remotely monitored by phoning for 24 days.

Over 30 thousand arrivals have been taken for monitoring, today most of them have been removed from monitoring due to the expiration of the incubation period, 6,474 people remain under medical supervision.

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