Kazakhstan • 05 March, 2020

Agricultural machinery renewal: Number of high-productivity sowing complexes almost doubled

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To increase labor productivity in the agricultural sector at least 2.5 times, it is necessary, first of all, to carry out work on the technical re-equipment of farmers.

The average update level for 2019 reached — 4% (3.5% in 2018), with a minimum technological level of 6%.

Good rates of equipment renewal were reached in Karaganda (4.6%), Akmola (4.5%), Zhambyl (4.4%), East Kazakhstan and Aktobe (4.3%) regions. Low rates of renewal are observed in Almaty and Turkestan regions (2.8% and 1.8%).

The number of high-productivity sowing complexes almost doubled in 2019 (143) compared to 2018 (72), which simultaneously perform several operations (cultivation, sowing, fertilizing, harrowing, leveling the surface and rolling the soil).

The presence of more than 4 thousand sowing complexes already allows this year to ensure sowing of 70% of the grain wedge of the republic.

At the same time, there is a high level of availability of the agricultural machinery park to be written off in the republic, which hinders the rate of renewal of the machine and tractor fleet. Without decommissioning of old equipment, the wear of which is 80%, it will not be possible to increase the level of renewal, since the acquired equipment is simply not visible in the total mass of the entire fleet.

This year, about 387 thousand tons of diesel fuel were allocated for sowing work in coordination with the Ministry of Energy for the period February-June. Given the difficult weather conditions, 10 thousand tons were additionally allocated at the request of the regions, which made it possible to fully satisfy the needs of all regions in diesel fuel.

This year, the price of diesel fuel for agricultural production will be 177 tenge / liter (at gas stations 195 tenge / liter), which is 10% cheaper than the market value.

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