Kazakhstan • 06 March, 2020

Implementation of the Enbek program

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The ministry participates in the implementation of the Enbek Program and works to provide microloans to program participants who are implementing or planning to implement business projects in rural areas and small towns, primeminister.kz reports.

Funds for microcrediting are provided to oblast akimats in the form of a budget loan. The Akimat distributes these funds between the Agrarian Credit Corporation for further funding microfinance organizations and credit partnerships, as well as the Agricultural Financial Support Fund for direct lending.

At the beginning of 2019, 44.7 billion tenge was allocated for the implementation of the Enbek program, and in July 2019 an additional 20 billion tenge was allocated. The total amount of microcrediting amounted to 64.7 billion tenge.

At the end of 2019, 64.7 billion tenge or 100% was disbursed throughout the republic, 16 181 microloans were issued, and about 18 thousand jobs were created.

In the context of economic sectors, microloans were issued for the development of:

  • livestock — 75% (12,195 microloans in the amount of 43.6 billion tenge);
  • crop production — 5% (735 microloans in the amount of 3.7 billion tenge);
  • non-agricultural types of business (trade, hairdressing baths, service stations, etc.) - 20% (3,325 microloans worth 17.6 billion tenge).


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