Kazakhstan • 10 March, 2020

Kazakh Agriculture Ministry bans 425 tons of fruit from Iran

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State inspectors of the Ministry for plant quarantine stopped 26 attempts to illegally import 560 tons of products of high phytosanitary risk from the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran from 17 to 24 February 2020.

They tried to import 54 tons of carrots, 10 tons of cabbage, 40 tons of potatoes and beets, 20 tons of wheat, 19.5 tons of fruit, as well as flowers in the amount of almost 2 thousand units from the Russian Federation without a phytosanitary certificate.

174 tons of apples and 249 tons of dried fruits were transported from Iran to the market of Kazakhstan without a phytosanitary certificate.

By the requirements of the legislation in the field of plant quarantine import of specified goods into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan was banned and the perpetrators brought to administrative responsibility under article 400 of the Administrative code.

It should be added that earlier state inspectors of the Ministry banned mangoes from the Russian Federation and almonds from the United States to Kazakhstan.

In particular, 2 tons of sesame seeds, more than 20 tons of walnuts, dates and dried mangoes, 39 tons of potatoes, almost 67 tons of sunflowers and 58.5 cubic meters of lumber were also tried to import from the Russian Federation without a phytosanitary certificate to Kazakhstan.

In addition, 2.3 thousand tons of barley were transported with an invalid phytosanitary certificate.

Without a phytosanitary certificate confirming the phytosanitary safety of the cargo, 23.4 tons of coffee beans from Vietnam and 86.6 tons of almonds from the United States arrived at the state border of the Republic.

In accordance with the requirements of legislation in the field of plant quarantine, the import of these products into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan was prohibited and the perpetrators were brought to administrative responsibility.

During the same period, due to the lack of labels on packages, state quarantine inspectors banned the import of more than 23 tons of fruit from Uzbekistan, including 6 tons of pomegranates, and 30 tons of carrots.

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