Kazakhstan • 30 March, 2020

Domestic enterprises to produce up to 1 million medical masks per day

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Domestic companies have established round-the-clock production of medical masks. This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of industry and infrastructure development.

For March 28, 2020, the daily production of masks amounted to 773 thousand, of which pharmaceutical enterprises – 228 thousand, clothing-545 thousand.

The Ministry of Healthcare distributes the manufactured products to the regions of the country. Gauze and fabric masks are sold on a contractual basis with local Executive bodies.

As a charity event "Biz birgemiz" ("We are together") the pharmaceutical enterprise "Mega Pharma" distributed more than 100,000 free medical masks to residents of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent.

In the Turkestan region, namely in the city of Kentau, 20,000 masks were distributed through volunteer organizations.

To date, the production of medical masks is carried out by domestic enterprises "Dolce" LLP (Almaty region), "Super-pharm" LLP (Zhambyl region), "Mega Pharma" LLP (Zhambyl region), "Medical Active Group" LLP (Almaty), "Merusar" LLP (Pavlodar), "TK-Pharm Aktobe" LLP (Aktobe).

Also, in cooperation with local Executive bodies, more than 70 sewing enterprises were involved in the production of masks.

The capacity of all pharmaceutical and clothing enterprises at full load can produce up to 1 million masks per day.

To provide clothing and pharmaceutical enterprises with raw materials for the production of masks, the Ministry of industry and infrastructure development jointly with Azala Textile has worked out the issue of launching the production of gauze. Today, 3 machines with a capacity of 3.6 thousand gauzes per day have been launched and are working.

It should be noted that the production and sale of facial masks (protective) for reusable cotton fabrics do not require registration, a licence, as this type of product is not a medical product and does not fall under the objects of the EEU 019 TR "About safety of means of individual protection".

Enterprises following the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan have the right to produce and sell products according to the organization's standard if the products do not fall under the technical regulations.

Clothing companies produce reusable 4, 8, 16-layer masks made of cotton fabrics (gauze, calico, Mittal), which are used for preventive protective purposes as a barrier for direct transmission of infectious particles from the mask wearer to other people. The mask also protects the wearer's face from large splashes.

Also, 94,332 litres of antiseptic was produced on March 28 this year, 144,200 litres are stored in warehouses, 100,093 litres were shipped to pharmacy chains for disinfection of streets and premises.

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