President • 01 April, 2020

Kazakh President on anti-crisis measures in the economy and social sphere (summary)

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The President made a statement on issues related to the state of emergency in the country and the state's anti-crisis measures in the economy and social sphere.

Medical care

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev instructed to extend the right of uninsured citizens to receive medical care in the compulsory social health insurance system from April 1 to July 1.

Support for SMEs

Our entrepreneurs need additional support in terms of reducing the tax burden. This is particularly important in terms of maintaining employment and paying salaries.

Therefore, for SMEs in the most affected sectors of the economy for 6 months (from April 1 to October 1 this year), the accrual and payment of taxes and other payments from the payroll are cancelled.

Free household items and food

The number of citizens receiving free necessary household items and food will increase.

In particular, such assistance is provided to disabled people and citizens registered as unemployed.

Free food is given out to more than eight hundred thousand people.

Pensions, state social benefits and targeted social assistance

In connection with the increase in inflation, President instructed to index the size of pensions, state social benefits and targeted social assistance by 10%.

Doctors and health care workers

Doctors and health care workers are paid an additional fee for 3 months. The issue of life insurance for medical workers has been resolved. Of course, they deserve even more support.

Citizens who have lost their income

We have provided support to citizens who have lost their income in the amount of the minimum wage.

Now, he instructed to expand the categories of citizens who receive this assistance of 42500 tenge.

In this regard, this support will be provided to both the self-employed and those who work without official registration.

This assistance is provided following the established procedure only to those who need it.

In general, support will be provided to about 3 million citizens.


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