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What does new Employment Roadmap include?

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According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, the Employment Roadmap was developed with the aim of quickly resolving employment issues and defines a set of measures for creating additional jobs, preventing the growth of the number of unemployed citizens through the implementation of infrastructure projects for the development of social, engineering -transport infrastructure and housing and communal services, improvement of settlements, reports.

The roadmap provides for the implementation of infrastructure projects for the following types of works and facilities:

  1. capital and current repairs, reconstruction of socio-cultural objects – of education, healthcare, social welfare, culture, sports, leisure and recreation, rendering services to the population (capital repairs with seismic amplification are allowed for earthquake-prone regions);
  2. capital, medium and current repairs, reconstruction of housing and communal services (water supply, sewage, gas, heat, electricity);
  3. capital, medium and current repairs, reconstruction, construction of engineering and transport infrastructure (urban roads, intra-village and intra-village roads, access roads, sidewalks, dams, dams and bridges, canals, water facilities and structures);
  4. improvement of settlements (improvement of courtyards, lighting and gardening of streets, parks, squares, demolition of ownerless objects, small architectural forms, fences, children's playgrounds and sports grounds).

Based on the decision of the Interdepartmental Commission on Employment under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other types of work and facilities, including construction, are allowed.

The main goals of the adopted Roadmap are:

  • ensuring employment and preventing the growth of unemployment;
  • creation of additional jobs and income generation;
  • creation of conditions for the development of infrastructure of settlements.
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