Coronavirus • 14 April, 2020

116 health care workers infected in Almaty

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The head of the Almaty public health Department Tleukhan Abildayev, told about the sharp increase in the number of infected people during an online briefing.

346 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Almaty (including 6 children and 3 pregnant women).

"New cases of 174, including 58 close contacts, 1 patient works at children's city clinical infectious hospital, 110 medical workers of the Central city clinical hospital, 2 employees of ambulance service, 1 worker of city polyclinic №32, 1 city polyclinic №11, 1 worker of City clinical hospital №1", - said Tleukhan Abildaev.

According to him, 295 patients are being treated in infectious hospitals for COVID-19, 7 of them are in a serious condition, 41 are in a moderate degree of severity (one from the Almaty region), and 247 are in good health.

There are 256 people in the treatment centres, including 12 children, 366 in quarantine isolation, and 7097 patients at home. The condition of two medical workers is serious, due to pneumonia, and the rest of the patients are in good health.

An epidemiological investigation is currently being carried out on this fact.

"I would also like to add that all measures are taken to examine medical workers. Also, anti-epidemic measures have been strengthened in all city clinics with a mandatory examination of employees for coronavirus," the speaker also informed.

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