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Internet provider traffic increasing significantly

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According to the Chair of the Board of Kazakhtelecom JSC Kuanyshbek Yessekeyev, over the past few weeks, traffic on external Internet channels in the Kazakhtelecom group of companies has grown by more than 20%, and traffic on local caching servers for top content is Google, Youtube, social networks and instant messengers, increased by more than 15% since the announcement of the state of emergency.

“The reasons for the sharp increase in traffic, I think, are understandable to everyone, but nevertheless I’ll voice it — it’s a transition to the remote work format of most Kazakhstanis, a significant increase in video content consumption, and a significantly increased time spent in the network of our customers,” said Yessekeyev.

In March alone, the subscriber base of Kazakhtelecom was replenished with 25 thousand households. The capacity of external channels is expanded by 360 Gigabits (from 1,200 Gbps to 1,560 Gbps) and, according to Kuanyshbek Yessekeyev, despite the significantly increased load on the network, the increase will continue.

Since the announcement of the state of emergency, Kazakhtelecom has conducted operational negotiations and subsequent work with providers to increase the capacity of external Internet channels. At the moment, these channels are expanded by almost 25%, which makes it possible not to download external Internet channels and improve the quality of the service provided. Currently, half of the Internet traffic is localized in Kazakhstan, which allows providing the same high quality of service delivery.

As Yessekeyev notes, Kazakhtelecom JSC switched to a preferential regime for the provision of telecommunication services. This means that during the quarantine period for late payment of subscribers, they will not be disconnected from telephone, Internet and pay television. All customers have unlimited access to Internet resources, including educational resources. For the quarantine period, all television subscribers are given access to a premium package of television channels at no additional charge. Thus, at the moment, all subscribers have the opportunity to watch up to 167 television channels.

Beeline Kazakhstan Chief Executive Officer Evgeniy Nastradin, in turn, notes that the Beeline network’s growth in mobile traffic consumption since the introduction of the emergency mode averaged 10%. The growth of fixed, i.e. wired, Internet traffic amounted to 30%.

“At the same time, the traffic distribution map has changed significantly. Our subscribers spend most of their time at home. Accordingly, where there is access to a fixed Internet, there is no growth in the load on the mobile network at all. Where there is no fixed connection, mainly the suburbs of Almaty and Nur-Sultan, as well as areas of private development in other regions, traffic at our base stations has increased. We saw from the load how people switched to remote work, began to spend more time at home,” said Nastradin.

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