Society • 30 April, 2020

"Green corridor" works for food supply transports in city entrances

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A "green corridor" operates for freight transport in order to provide food and an uninterrupted supply of goods at the entrances to Nur-Sultan and Almaty. 

Since the introduction of quarantine, 4,771 trucks have entered Nur-Sultan with a total output of 51,786 tons, of which 21,829 tons are food products, which correspond to the current sales volumes of networks and markets. Today, the city has enough reserves.

Only socially significant food products for 19 positions have 30 thousand tons of products, of which 25 thousand tons of products are stored in warehouses and vegetable stores.

To replenish the city’s reserves, "forward contracts" were concluded with a fixed price for the fruit and vegetable group, meat and grocery products with the regions. 2.6 billion tenge preferential loan agreements were signed with large retail chains for sale at fixed prices for rice, buckwheat, sunflower oil and a vegetable group (potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage).

Due to the purchase of flour, the price of bread is kept in the range of 90-95 tenge per a first-grade bun. Commodity interventions of sugar from the stabilization fund are carried out at a price not exceeding 220 tenge.

In addition, a mobile group was created, which included district prosecutors, employees of the State Duma and the Ministry of Railways. They conduct raids, mainly based on the appeals of citizens about exceeding marginal prices for socially significant food products, and send the results to akims of the districts to bring them to administrative responsibility.

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