Society • 30 April, 2020

Prices and stocks of 19 types of socially significant food monitored in Almaty

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The city daily monitors prices and stocks of 19 types of socially significant food products in retail outlets, warehouses and at major suppliers, says.

To ensure uninterrupted supplies on an ongoing basis in the mode of video conferencing, negotiations are being held with producers and suppliers from the regions on food supply.

At the same time, deliveries of perishable products (beef meat, chicken meat, eggs, dairy products, bread, vegetables) are carried out on a daily basis from manufacturers of Almaty, Pavlodar, Turkistan, Zhambyl and other regions. Delivery is made through the "green corridor", as part of ensuring unhindered access for trucks of agricultural producers in the regions. 

Taking into account the volume of consumption of the city’s population by the main socially significant products, 7 billion tenge were provided from the local budget through the “revolving” scheme for the implementation of the intervention, of which 5 billion in March 2020. Also, since December 2019, the sale of vegetables (potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage) through the Magnum distribution network has been ongoing at prices lower than the market average by 17-35%. Agreements have been signed with the largest trading network Magnum and Aksay HBK (bread) for uninterrupted supply of the city for three months for 17 types of goods at a stable price. The total volume of goods under the agreements is 26.5 thousand tons.

In addition, an additional agreement is currently being worked out to supply 5 thousand tons of vegetables and 1 thousand tons of beef meat to the city’s retail facilities at a fixed price.

To stabilize the price of buckwheat, 348.1 tons of this product from the stabilization fund for the total amount of 104.4 million tenge were sold. Selling prices are 10% lower than average market prices (339 tg / kg) and amount to 305 tg / kg on a shelf. Sales of products are carried out in over 100 stores of retail chains. Also, with other enterprises-manufacturers of the city, agreements were signed on fixing the selling price for the products until the end of this year.

A mobile group has also been created in the city, commissions have been set up in all 8 districts of Almaty to monitor compliance with the maximum allowable retail prices for socially significant food products.

As of April 21, 2020, the Commissions imposed 110 administrative penalties registered in the Unified Register of Administrative Proceedings, of which 78 fines were paid for 10.8 million tenge.

Since the beginning of April this year prices fell for 10 types of socially significant food products. In general, the price index for all types of NWFP amounted to 99.9%.

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