Coronavirus • 30 April, 2020

Air passengers must be tested for coronavirus

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Air passengers departing from Nur-Sultan are required to have a certificate of passing a PCR test (polymerase chain reaction) with a negative result for COVID-19 coronavirus infection, the official website of the capital's mayor's office reports.

"The certificate is issued for a period of seven days. At the end of the period, you will need to take another PCR testing and get a new certificate. Tested carried out at laboratories on a paid basis," the city's public health department reports.

Addresses and phone numbers of laboratories for testing in Nur-Sultan:

1. Olymp CDL in Nur-Sultan: 2/1 Republic Ave.; 3 Goethe St.; 16 B. Momyshuly Ave.; 12/1 Abylaykhan Ave.; 2 E-10 St.; 2 Mankent lane (mobile point). Tests are conducted only by appointment by phone 8 701 961 70 08 (text MESSAGES in WhatsApp) (;

2. Branch of the RSE at the national center of expertise in the city of Nur-Sultan: 46 Zheltoksan street, tel. 8 (7172) 31-54-09, 8 (7172) 59-00-77.

Due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection in the capital, the laboratories of the Olymp CDL network have launched PCR tests on COVID-19 on a paid basis.

Residents of the capital will be able to sign up for the test via the Smart Astana app in the "Medicine" section - "Sign up for the COVID-19 test". The questionnaire is automatically included in the Olymp CDL. Then the staff of the medical facility will call and invite you to the treatment room.

As reported earlier, flights from Nur-Sultan and Almaty to Kyzylorda, Petropavl, Oskemen and Semey will be allowed. Flights will be carried out in compliance with enhanced standards of sanitary requirements, fewer passengers and special remote seating in the cabin.

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