Government • 16 June, 2020

PM Askar Mamin pays working visit to Zhambyl region

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Zhambyl region’s economy has demonstrated a steady growth over the 5 months of 2020. In the region, the state programs Nurly Zher, Nurly Zhol, Industrial and Innovative Development, Economy of Simple Things, the Employment Roadmap 2020 and others are under implementation.

In almost all segments of the region’s economy, there has been a positive trend: agriculture and livestock raising grew by 2.9%, investment in fixed assets — by 2.6%, construction — by 8.7% compared to the corresponding period last year.

This year, about 550 thousand m² of housing will be commissioned in the Zhambyl region, and 34 water supply facilities are planned to be commissioned. Twenty-three projects are underway to repair local roads, including major ones, such as the construction of the Southern Taraz bypass to the Kyrgyz border highway, the reconstruction of the regional railway Taraz - Sarykemer - Tuimekent - Aksholak, and the reconstruction of the highway Taraz - Zhetibay - Tegistic - Oyyk.

Within the framework of the State Program of Industrial and Innovative Development for 2020-2025, 24 investment projects are implemented in the Zhambyl region for a total of 1,051.6 billion tenge. Under the Economy of Simple Things program, 114 projects worth 68.6 billion tenge were approved, of which 89 projects worth 2.2 billion tenge were funded.

On June 1, 2020, about 17 thousand people were covered by active employment measures. As part of the Employment Roadmap, 831 infrastructure projects are being implemented.

On behalf of the Head of State, a project “From Field to Counter” is being implemented in the Zhambyl region to develop a cooperative chain in the village, which is aimed at reducing imports of agricultural products, stabilizing prices and supporting domestic producers. Fifty outlets and a wholesale distribution center, as well as 21 processing enterprises, 45 peasant farms and 10 cooperatives will participate in ensuring a stable purchase of food products.

At the same time, a pilot project is being implemented to increase the income of the villagers, in the framework of which 2,478 applications worth 7.2 billion tenge were funded, 7,856 households were covered in 11 rural districts of the region.

In the Korday region, 387 projects for the development of social, transport and engineering infrastructure with a total value of 20.5 billion tenge are being implemented this year. Over 350 km of roads will be repaired, including 268 intra-village streets and 4 roads of regional significance. By order of the Head of State, 7 villages will be provided with das by the end of this year — Karakemer, Aukatty, Bular Batyr, Sortobe, Masanchi, Karasu, Otegen.

The reconstruction of the Korday border crossing on the border with Kyrgyzstan, carried out as part of the Nurly Zhol state program, will increase passenger traffic by 4 times, and the capacity of vehicles through the state border — by 2.5 times. The deadline for completion of construction work is December 2020. In the next period, it is planned to reconstruct all eight points on the border with Kyrgyzstan.

In the framework of his working trip to the Zhambyl region on June 12-13, the Prime Minister Askar Mamin visited the Taraz, Zhambyl and Bayzak districts, as well as the villages of Masanchi, Karakemer, Sortobe and Korday.

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