Parliament • 17 June, 2020

Majilis approves the bill on the development of the "green economy"

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Today, at the plenary session of the Majilis, deputies approved a number of new bills initiated by the parliamentarians themselves.

The draft law was developed by the deputies of the Majilis in order to improve the waste management system by using heat treatment of solid household waste. It is planned to dispose of solid household waste by incineration, which will reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment and reduce their volumes to be disposed of.

An important aspect of the draft law is the rules aimed at supporting the segment on energy waste disposal for generating electric energy. In accordance with the concept of the draft law, the main support mechanism is a guaranteed purchase of electric energy produced by incinerators, which will be similar to the current mechanism for supporting the renewable energy industry.

The draft law provides for amendments and additions to the Environmental code and the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on electricity" and "on support for the use of renewable energy sources".

In the first reading, the Majilis approved amendments to the Law "On the State border of the Republic of Kazakhstan" developed by deputies.

It provides for rules aimed at reducing the possible risks of violations of the legislation of Kazakhstan on the State border, regulating the order of stay at checkpoints of law enforcement and special agencies, Prosecutor's offices. 

At the plenary session, the Majilis considered the amendments of the Senate to the draft Code "on the health of the people and the health system" and the accompanying bill.

At the plenary session, the Chamber appointed the relevant committees to prepare conclusions on new bills. Among those received by the Majilis are Deputy amendments to improve the budget legislation, as well as legislative innovations on issues related to the implementation of activities in the Caspian sea. Among the new ones is a package of ratification bills. These are amendments to the Agreement between Kazakhstan and Mongolia on mutual legal assistance in civil and criminal matters, as well as the free trade Agreement between the EEU and its member States, on the one hand, and Serbia, on the other.

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