Coronavirus • 23 June, 2020

4 more new medical masks production enterprises to launched in Kazakhstan

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Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Beibut Atamkulov reported on the production of personal protective equipment at the government session chaired by the Prime Minister Askar Mamin.

According to the minister, in order to provide the domestic market with personal protective equipment, an increase in production capacities for the production of own products continues.

Manufacturing medical masks

According to the Ministry of Healthcare, the need for masks for 6 months will be 111.2 million.

“Today, the capacity of 9 domestic enterprises allows the production of 490 thousand medical masks per day. To increase production volumes, we plan to launch 4 more new enterprises by the end of this year,” Atamkulov said.

Entering these projects and increasing production volumes of existing enterprises will ensure the production of masks up to 1.1 million per day.

Reusable mask production

In general, the population’s need for masks in the same period (6 months) will amount to 144 million pieces.

Today, the daily volume of all masks is 413 thousand.

“In order to provide the population with the necessary number of masks, we plan to increase the production of reusable, preventive, protective masks up to 800 thousand per day at the expense of sewing enterprises,” the minister said.

Local executive bodies have already begun work with sewing enterprises to create a reserve of reusable masks.

Manufacturing medical gloves

The need for medical gloves will be 83.7 million pairs. Currently, two enterprises produce 330 thousand pairs of gloves per day, in the future it is planned to increase production to 460 thousand pairs per day.

Provision of protective suits

For 6 months, the need for protective suits will amount to 1.3 million pieces (747 thousand pieces for the healthcare system and 540 thousand pieces for government bodies). To increase production volumes, it is planned to launch 3 new enterprises by the end of this year.

“We also plan to increase production volumes of existing enterprises. All these measures will make it possible to increase the production of protective suits to 800 thousand pieces per month,” Atamkulov said.

Manufacturing mechanical ventilation apparatus

According to the Ministry of Healthcare, for 6 months the need for ventilators will be 132. Mobile devices IVL "Kokchetav-4p" are made on the basis of JSC Tynys.

To date, 380 ventilation units have been produced, of which 164 are ready for shipment, 216 are under factory tests. The remaining 200 mechanical ventilators will be produced and delivered by the end of July 2020. In order to organize the production of an additional range of stationary mechanical ventilation devices, production is being mastered with Turkish and Chinese partners.

The Kazakhstani high-tech project of BARK Technology LLP is being developed.

“By the end of July 2020, the company will complete its own development and donate 20 devices for testing to the Ministry of Healthcare. The remaining 112 will be produced during August-September 2020,” Atamkulov said.

It should be noted that the existing domestic enterprises of Kazmedpribor LLP, OralMedRegion LLP have the entire technical base for the production of ventilators and are ready to produce the necessary products.

One of the measures of state support in the pharmaceutical industry is the conclusion of long-term contracts within the guaranteed volume of free medical care.

“Also, in order to support domestic producers, we ask local executive bodies to focus on the products of domestic enterprises. This will give an impetus to our enterprises in increasing production capacities and launching new production facilities,” the minister concluded.

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