Medicine • 14 July, 2020

Medicines supply to reach over 600 thousand packs per month

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At the government session chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, measures to fulfill the instructions of the Head of State given at an extended government session on July 10, 2020, were considered. Minister of Healthcare Alexey Tsoy reported on the current situation in the country in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection.

According to the minister, 61,755 patients were registered in Kazakhstan, 25,448 received treatment, 35,911 were discharged, 396 died. The incidence of COVID-19 stabilized at the level of 1,700-1,800 people per day.

To stabilize the situation, monitoring is carried out daily on 17 indicators of the effectiveness of ongoing activities in the regions. In addition, a decision was made to include four more indicators, two of which will show the work of akimats with a negative attitude of the population and the removal of social tension, through working with the media, as well as the timely processing of complaints from citizens. The other two indicators will show the work on monitoring the availability of medicines and the work of the Single Distributor for applications from medical organizations.

“According to the rating, the 1st position is occupied by two regions (North-Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan) in which 9 target indicators of 17 are achieved. The second place in the ranking is occupied by 5 regions and the city of Shymkent — 8 indicators are achieved, and the 3rd place is occupied by 3 regions and Almaty — achievement on 7 indicators. The last place in the ranking is occupied by Atyrau region, which has completed 5 out of 17 indicators,” Tsoy informed.

Currently, about 60 thousand cases of coronavirus infection are registered in Kazakhstan, including more than 1,700 children. During the quarantine period, the role of children in the transmission of infection was reduced, due to the disbandment of organized groups.

According to the minister, the resumption of full-time education in schools can lead to an increase in the incidence among children and transmission of infection outside of school, as well as the involvement of children in the transmission of infection in society. Organized groups are most susceptible to the spread of infection, as practice shows annually of the total number of cases of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, children under 14 years of age account for up to 70%.

“Given the seasonal increase in the incidence of acute respiratory infections and the epidemiological distress of coronavirus infection among students in educational institutions, we consider it appropriate to switch to distance learning for all classes of secondary education organizations in the first quarter of the school year, with the exception of small schools,” Tsoy said.

According to a new indicator, an assessment of the effectiveness of outreach to combat COVID-19, measures should be implemented to increase awareness of the population during the events.

“Today, over 46 thousand specialists are involved in the fight against COVID-19. In the regions there is a shortage of epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, resuscitation anesthetists, pulmonologists. The ministry distributed the most demanded graduates in terms of countering CVI: 88 anesthetists, 26 infectious disease specialists, 7 pulmonologists,” said Tsoy.

Also, 2,084 specialists and volunteers involved in anti-epidemic measures helped resolve the issue of staff shortages by medical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Students are also involved in the work. Premiums are paid to health care providers directly involved in coronavirus control activities.

“In pursuance of the instructions of the Head of State regarding stabilization of the situation and strengthening the personnel potential of the Atyrau region on July 13, the following measures were taken: 5 specialists of the Committee for Quality and Safety of Goods and Services, 6 specialists from Russia, 10 scientists of clinical departments and 9 residents — clinicians of the West Kazakhstan Medical University named after Ospanov, 78 interns will be referred within a week. The measures taken will strengthen the Atyrau region 108 with highly qualified specialists. 56 specialists are sent to the Mangystau region. Groups of specialists have been formed for the West Kazakhstan, Almaty, Turkistan regions and the city of Shymkent,” the minister of healthcare said.

Also, as Tsoy emphasized, taking into account the worsening of cases of hospitalization and expenses for treatment and protection of personnel, the tariffs for medical services in pharmacies and infectious hospitals were doubled. These tariffs will be applied for all hospital admissions from July 1, 2020.

To refill retail pharmacies with medicines, 2 flights were organized from the Russian Federation and one flight from India. Given domestic production, today 3.5 million packages of medicines totaling more than 2 billion tenge have been delivered. A monthly supply of antipyretic, antibacterial drugs has been formed in the regions. July 15 and 17, 2020, it is planned to organize an additional two flights from India and one flight from the Russian Federation.

“The medicines will be provided by organizing weekly supplies. Domestic manufacturers are building up production capacities. Since July 2020 monthly provision will be more than 600 thousand packages of popular drugs. To simplify the import and access to the market, the procedures for issuing permits up to one day have been simplified,” the head of the department said.

To date, in infectious and provisional hospitals, there are 966 stationary mechanical ventilation devices with 1,553 resuscitation beds available. At the same time, taking into account the forecast of the National Center for Public Health on the development of the incidence of the population COVID-19, the republic as a whole will require about 6,365 resuscitation beds, for equipping of which it will additionally be necessary to purchase 4,093 stationary ventilation devices, which will ensure the availability of facilities healthcare for the worst case scenario.

“This need (4,093) is proposed to cover: 460 in the amount of 5.5 billion tenge from the freed up funds of the World Bank loan, 409 units in the amount of 4.9 billion tenge under the funds and reserves of local budgets to regional akimats, which will amount to it is proposed to purchase at least 10% of the additional demand, more than 3 thousand worth 38.7 billion tenge from the reserve of the Government from domestic producers, taking into account the localization and launch of domestic production,” Tsoy informed.

As the minister assured, according to the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, starting in August, industrial production of ventilators will be established and the first batch of 595 will go to healthcare organizations.

In addition, taking into account the forecast of 8,487 beds or at least 20% of the total number of beds to be deployed, oxygen therapy (medical gas supply, oxygen concentrators, etc.) should be provided. In all regions, there are local manufacturers and suppliers of oxygen, as well as oxygen concentrators.

It should be noted that in accordance with the instructions of the Head of State, the ministry has developed a draft National Plan for the protection of life and health of Kazakhstanis in the pandemic, providing for the consolidation of activities at the central and local levels. The approval process for this project is currently being finalized.

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