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The grand opening of the bust of Abai Kunanbaiuly took place in Bucharest

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The grand opening of the bust of Abai Kunanbaiuly took place in the center of Bucharest. The event was attended by Romanian politicians from the Parliament and state bodies, ambassadors of foreign states, as well as representatives of academic, public and business circles, the media of the host country.

In his welcoming speech, Ambassador Nurbakh Rustemov noted that the opening of the bust in the framework of the 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly is a clear example of mutual respect of the peoples of Kazakhstan and Romania, the upbringing of a new generation with knowledge of the history of the two countries. It was emphasized that familiarization with European culture was one of the aspirations of the reformer of Kazakh culture Abai Kunanbaiuly, whose great heritage managed to synthesize the cultures of the East and West.

Special gratitude was expressed to the Eurasian National University named after L.Gumilyov and the Mayor's Office of Bucharest for their invaluable contribution to the perpetuation of the Kazakh poet in Romania.

The participants of the event noted the timeliness of perpetuating the outstanding poet of the Kazakh people as a sign of friendship between peoples. In particular, ex-President of Romania Emil Constantinescu and Vice-Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of Parliament, Chairman of the Kazakhstan-Romania interparliamentary friendship group Florin Iordache emphasized that the establishment of a bust of the great world-class poet is becoming a new historical milestone in life Bucharest, and is also a tribute to the Kazakh people for their contribution to world culture.

As part of the event, the famous linguist Antoaneta Olteanu, who translated the «Book of words» into Romanian, spoke about the poet's life, and the kindergarten pupils, led by a Kazakh language teacher, recited Abai's poems.

The event was also decorated with the exposition of the young Kazakhstani artist Alua Tebenova living in Romania, who in her paintings conveys the essence of the national identity of the Kazakh people.

Also, the guests were offered the “Book of words”, “Era of Independence” by Elbasy and brochures with the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K. Tokayev dated September 1 of this year, translated into Romanian, as well as other image materials.

About the bust of Abai

The bust perpetuates the memory of the great Kazakh poet, the classic of Kazakh literature Abai Kunanbaiuly in Romania. This monument will bring Kazakh and Romanian peoples closer together and, of course, will show the interest of Romanian citizens in the study of Kazakh history and culture.

Gumilyov Eurasian National University supported the establishment of the monument, the author of the bust is a professor of this University, sculptor, member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan Talgat Anarbekov.

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