Parliament • 17 March, 2021

Maulen Ashimbayev: Senators should always be in close contact with maslikhats

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Maulen Ashimbayev: Senators should always be in close contact with maslikhats, reports with reference to the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan

According to the Chairman of the Senate, the successful implementation of the President's initiatives depends not only on changes in the legislative framework, but also on how well the explanatory work with the population is being carried out.  Therefore, according to Maulen Ashimbaev, maslikhats and the Senate should actively cooperate in this direction.

«Senators should constantly be in close cooperation with district, city, regional maslikhats.  At the same time, on the one hand, topical issues at the local level should be discussed, and on the other, the effectiveness of the current legislation.  As a result, we will contribute to solving the problems of concern to the local population.  An important direction of the joint work of the Senate and local maslikhats should be the clarification of the policy of the Head of State and the essence of the enacted laws», said Maulen Ashimbayev.

Minister of National Economy Asset Irgaliev also spoke at the meeting.  He dwelled on the main approaches to the development of local state and self-government, outlined in the draft law "On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Expanding the Independence and Responsibility of District, City and Rural Levels of Government".  And representatives of maslikhats spoke about the main information and organizational issues of the activities of local representative bodies.

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