Coronavirus • 22 June, 2021

More than 2.8 mln people were administered the first component of the vaccine against COVID-19 – A.Mamin

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«The country’s sanitary and epidemiological situation is under control in the main», Prime Minister stated at today’s Government meeting. reports.

Askar Mamin highlighted that 25% of COVID-19 beds and 21% of intensive care beds are occupied as of now. Only the capital city of Kazakhstan remains in the high COVID-19 risk «red zone». The number of coronavirus cases is not falling which is declarative of insufficient measures taken and vaccination rates.

Prime Minister also noted that the most of the regions (11) are in the low COVID-19 risk «green zone», 5 in the «yellow zone». More than 2.8 mln people were administered the first component of the vaccine against COVID-19, above 1.7 mln the second one.

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