Export to Russian market: KazakhExport supports oil and gas producer

Export insurance company KazakhExport (a subsidiary of the Baiterek National Holding Company) supported KSP Steel LLP to export products to the Russian Federation, reports primeminister.kz.

Егемен Қазақстан
05.03.2018 54

KSP Steel LLP is the first Kazakhstan enterprise for the production of seamless steel pipes for the oil and gas industry.

In addition to deliveries to the domestic market, the company exports products to the near and far abroad countries, including the USA, Russia, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

KazakhExport NC jointly with Subsidiary Bank Alfa-Bank JSC made the deal under the scheme of export trade financing for 450 million Russian rubles.

Export trade financing is a tool of KazakhExport national company to stimulate demand for Kazakh products from foreign buyers. It is provided to foreign companies for the purchase of Kazakh goods through Kazakhstani banks.

Recall, the mission of Export Insurance Company KazakhExport JSC is to support the growth of exports of non-primary goods, works and services in priority sectors of the economy and the formation of the practice of financial and insurance and non-financial support of Kazakhstan enterprises.


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