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Region • 09 June, 2020

A new airport is being built in Turkestan

A new airport is being built according to international standards and modern construction technologies in 16 km from Turkestan. Turkestan international airport which is being built by the Turkish company YDA Group will be put into operation by the end of the year. Currently 102 special equipment investors and more than 300 builders work at the construction site.

Region • 18 May, 2020

Fighting against unemployment and improving adjacent villages — how East Kazakhstan region developing today

Being the industrial center of the republic, East Kazakhstan region is actively implementing projects to create a powerful and modern livestock breeding infrastructure, develop the tourism industry, and improve adjacent villages. Read more about the region’s achievements in these areas and the results of socio-economic development for four months of 2020 in the review.

Region • 18 May, 2020

From agriculture to tourism or how Akmola region develops its key industries

In his address to the people of Kazakhstan on the introduction of the state of emergency, the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev ordered to establish a real account of the availability of goods of primary demand, to prevent panic and excitement around essential goods in the regions. Each region needed to control interregional flows of goods and prevent local shortages. Akmola region is a large grain-growing region of Kazakhstan, producing more than 25% of grain, 7% of milk, 21% of poultry meat, 10% of flour and 16% of eggs in the context of the republic. A significant share in the region’s GRP is occupied by the agro-industrial complex, which is the main direction of the region’s development. Read in the review by PrimeMinister.kz on the current development of the region.

Region • 06 May, 2020

Flood in Turkestan region in photos

Since May 2, 31 606 people have been evacuated from the flooded settlements of the Maktaaral district.

Region • 06 May, 2020

All flood victims to be compensated

Akim of Maktaaral district Bakhyt Asanov said that every flood victim will be compensated.

Region • 05 May, 2020

Satellite images help determine the extent of flooding in Turkestan region

The system of remote sensing of the Earth and digitization of land plots allow us to quickly determine the extent of flooding in the Maktaaral district, Turkestan region.

Region • 05 May, 2020

Askar Mamin on flooding in Turkistan region: Government will provide all necessary assistance to victims

At the government conference call chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, the flooding of settlements in the Maktaaral district of the Turkistan region was considered, primeminister.kz says.

Region • 04 May, 2020

Roman Sklyar holds meeting on purchase of cabbage from farmers

Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar chaired a conference call on supporting agricultural producers of the Turkistan region. Akimats of the regions were instructed to purchase cabbage in the Turkistan region, primeminister.kz says.

Region • 04 March, 2020

New head of Kyzylorda city police department appointed

The new head of Kyzylorda city unitary enterprise was introduced to the staff by the head of the police of the Department of the region, Colonel Police Bektore Sultan.

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