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Seven sacred places located in Atyrau region

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Atyrau region is one of the most developed industrial regions of Kazakhstan. Here, foreign and domestic investments are concentrated, which continuously ensure rapid growth of the economy not only of the region, but of the republic as a whole, reports.

At the same time, special attention is paid to the development of the tourism sector. In business tourism, the region occupies one of the leading places in Kazakhstan.

For the III quarter of 2019, 130,685 visitors were served on domestic tourism (higher by 29,312 people compared to the level of 2018), and inbound tourism — 57,251 visitors (higher by 7,837 people compared to the level of 2018).

In the region, the development of cultural and educational tourism (acquaintance with the history of the region, its customs and traditions), amateur sports (hunting and fishing), ethnographic, ecological and health tourism began.

At present, in the city of Atyrau, sightseeing tour programs have been developed and are functioning, which include many interesting historical, cultural attractions, monuments and entertainment sites, as well as restaurants and cafes with a variety of cuisines of the peoples living in the region. At the same time, tourists have the opportunity to visit the creative center, where weekly shows of national traditions and customs of the Kazakh people are held.

Also in the summer, a walk on excursion motor ships along the Ural River, flowing in the very center of Atyrau and dividing the city into two continents: Europe and Asia, is quite accessible for the population and guests of the city.

On the territory of the Akzhayik state natural reserve on the coast of the Caspian Sea there are unique species of rare birds listed in the Red Book, and amateur sport fishing is allowed here, which is of great interest to tourists.

In the summer, guests of the city have the opportunity to visit camp sites along the coast of the Ural River, where entertainment services are provided in the form of rope parks, climbing walls, horseback riding and camel riding.

There are seven historical monuments in the region included in the list of sacred places of Kazakhstan (Makhambet region: Sarayshyk memorial complex; Zhylyoi region: Nekropol Akmechet, Underground mosque Qulshan ata, Kurgan Araltobe, Imankara complex, Necropolis Ushkan; Inder district: Mazar Mukhamambet).

The Kurmangazinsky district is interesting because hunting and fishing on the Qigach River are organized here at recreation centers. The beautiful natural surroundings and clean air of the Qigach river coast have great potential for the development of eco-tourism.

Guests and visitors of the region show interest in the objects of the agricultural sector, in particular, camel, horse and other farms.

Tourism companies of the region continue to actively develop routes in order to develop domestic and inbound tourism.

One of the most promising tourist sites in the region is the Saraishyk ancient settlement on the northern branch of the Great Silk Road, which is of most interest to tourists and travelers.

Annually, the number of visitors to the Saraishyk memorial complex is from 12 to 15 thousand people. Given the historical significance of the facility, a project plan for the construction of the Medieval Saraishyk complex was developed. To date, the layout and scientific justification of the ancient settlement project have been developed. The first stage of the construction of the tourist facility Medieval Saraishyk is the construction of the Visit Center. To date, design estimates are being developed.

The salt lake in the Inder district creates another great opportunity for developing health tourism in this area. Last year, scientists from the region carried out research work on the use of mud and salt from the salt lake Inder for medicinal purposes and obtained a positive result on their indispensability in various diseases. In order to effectively use the salt lake, NefteStroyService LLP, an interested investor was offered 50 hectares of land from the shore of Inder salt lake. Currently, the institution is developing topographic surveys and design estimates. According to NefteStroyService LLP, the project will be carried out in several stages.

Also, at the expense of a private investor, it is planned to build Ethnoaul in the city of Atyrau. Currently, Nurly Tau LLP has been created for investors together with Atyrau SEC Atyrau JSC and authorized capital has been determined, as well as design and estimate documentation has been prepared, which is undergoing an examination. The construction of Ethnoaul is scheduled for the second half of 2020.

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